UX Designer

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UX / Product Designer

Make it easy for companies to improve their business based on customer and employee feedback.


You will be shaping the way our product works and how it helps our clients improve their business and their relationship with customers.

Design is an important part Starred, don’t expect any red tape and brace yourself for a lot of intriguing  challenges.

You will be challenged to make things better every single day, by your team and the thousands of users that use our product every single day.

Who you'll be working with:


Product Manager & Designer

Will fight alongside you to create not only the best but also the best looking product out there.


Customer Happiness Manager

The voice of the customer in our team and the ultimate brainstorm partner


Frontend Developer

Makes your designs come to life and build a great new style guide together with you


QA Engineer

Nothing goes live without getting past her, she'll make sure your work covers all requirements



Lars left Google to start Starred, his rule of thumb?
Put the user first.

Things you're good at

User testing – Experience with user testing is mandatory, nothing beats seeing real users using your product.

Experience with prototyping and wire framing – Whether that is using tools like Marvel and Invision, code-based tools Framer or directly into HTML/CSS.

Experience with launching products – Designing pretty screens and buttons is just the beginning, having experience with launching products and working on products that are used by thousands of people is what we’re looking for.

At least 3 years of professional experience – Experience with the Agile methodology, as well as working in a startup environment is preferred but not mandatory.

Understanding and experience with HTML/CSS – You won’t be expected to write production-ready code but understanding the basics of frontend-programming will make quick prototyping and handovers a breeze.

A fast paced working environment with lots of fun and the possibility to learn every single day.

The right gear – A brand new laptop, external screen and anything else that is required for you to work the best way possible.

Competitive Salary – Great work should be compensated accordingly.

Stocks – Ownership does not just stop at what you work on, it means you’ll actually own shares of the company.

About Starred

Starred is an online SaaS platform with the goal to help other companies improve their business.

Together with companies like Spotify, PayPal, Catawiki and Nextdoor, Heineken and DHL we're on a mission to halt the era where feedback would end up in a black hole without receiving any response.

As a team we care about ownership, we care about it so much we have something we call our ownership wall where everyone can see who owns which themes and parts of the business. This does not mean you’re bound to just the things you own, we encourage people challenge each other, with respect and improve ourselves every day.

To give you an idea of our obsession with improving ourselves and our processes: Recently the development team agreed on switching from 2 week sprints to a Kanban approach because we felt like it would improve our performance and mostly our happiness. We switched and it indeed improved our performance but more importantly our happiness and satisfaction 🙂

We care about diversity in any way imaginable, although we always feel we can do better, we are proud to say 45% of our company is female and our team has people from 8 different countries of origin.

We promote personal growth and make sure you have more than enough time to not only spend time on things that need to be done, but also the things you care about.

We believe you should not be limited to work on things you’re passionate about for 20% of your time, we believe that if you’re passionate and able to convince the rest of the product team to spend your time on a redesign, a new feature or blog articles you're encouraged to do so.

Things to keep in mind when applying

We care more about the why rather than just the result, we’d love to read case studies and the story behind the products you’ve worked on along with your portfolio.

Sending your Dribbble profile is nice but we all know Dribbble is not your portfolio.

Our initial reviews are mostly based on the answers you give us to the questions asked on the application form and you motivation to contact us, make sure to keep this in mind!

Understanding what we do will make our first interview chat a lot more productive and efficient, go ahead - sign up for a trial!