PHP Developer

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PHP Developer

At Starred we're looking for a PHP Developer to join our team.

Full-time · Amsterdam

About the job

You will be part of our R&D team and will be working new features and on migrating what is left of our monolithic application to (micro) services plus expanding our platform to build better solutions. You are eager to learn and want to make a next step in your career. We appreciate curiosity and you are able to explore different interests in your field of work. 

Our primary stack is LEMP all running on AWS (EC2/Lambda), build on top of Symfony Framework backed by DoctrineORM/MySQL and MongoDB/PostgreSQL/Redis databases. Some of the other tools that we use are Node.js, Git, Docker and we are enthusiastic exploring and implementing the serverless architecture. Haven’t worked with these technologies before? This is an amazing chance to jump in and learn!

Starred's challenge

The Starred platform contains a wealth of data that needs to be analysed and turned into actionable insights. Next to this we offer our clients integration and automation to handle their feedback process. Our clients rely on our data in their decision making processes to improve their candidates’ and/or employees’ lives. This requires the highest level of data integrity, security, and efficiency. It also challenges the way data are analysed, and visualised. We’re constantly challenged by our customers to provide them the right insights to enable them to stay ahead of the competition regarding their recruitment goals, or their people goals as an employer.

Our clients are innovative companies hiring at scale all over the world, including Twilio, Elastic, Sofi, Brex, Miro, Coca-Cola, Hilton, and many more. 

About you

  • 5 years plus building applications in a mainstream programming language: PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, C#, C++, Java or other;

  • Experience with PHP and Symfony Framework, and the excitement to work other languages like Node.js/Python.

  • A drive for results; you're a self-starter with great communication and collaboration skills.

  • Computer Science education (huge plus);

  • Strong understanding of how to develop and maintain RESTful web services;

  • Solid database experience with understanding the differences between RDBMS and NoSQL;

  • Working knowledge of front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, TypeScript, React) as an advantage;

  • Unit-testing know-how; experience with TDD or BDD is an added bonus;

  • Understanding of basic data structures and computational complexity (Big O);

  • Understanding of SOLID principles;

Cultural fit

Start with the human: No matter how advanced technology becomes, the cooperation between people should remain at the core. The personal relationships we maintain with our customers are crucial to the success of Starred.

Embrace & drive change: Don’t accept something because it is like it is. Break through the status quo, innovate and reinvent your job and yourself constantly. In other words: embrace change.

Take ownership: Take responsibility for your work, your customers, your colleagues… your mistakes. In other words: at Starred you don’t ‘rent’ your job, you ‘own’ your job.

Work smarter: Sometimes there’s an alternative to working harder: working smarter. Which tools could you deploy? Who could help you out? Which partnership could speed you up? We’re constantly looking for ways in which we can work smarter.

Building together: Finally, you’re not alone. Without marketing there would be no leads, without the development team there would be no product, without customer happiness there would be no happy customers, and without sales there would be no new customers. We’re building Starred together.

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